Workshops for Youth

Self-Care for Teens: How to be a Grown-up

This is a cohort for teens to learn about self-care. In the sessions, the group will use creativity, drama, and discussions on how to care for their mental, physical, and spiritual health. They will be empowered to become trauma resilient as they learn to care for themselves and others through self-control, self-care, and connection.

The Sex Class

Sexual trauma is huge concern in South Africa. The first step in fighting this is information.

This training delves into the awkward and the real and there is no question that is off-limits. We cover:

  • explanations of body parts

  • how to make value and faith-based decisions

  • the three rules for good sex!

Using creativity and openness, the conversations in the groups remove the taboo for teens and young adults so they can make healthy and value driven decisions.