Cohorts & Workshops

Values: Choosing Who We Want to Be

When we learn how fear has been guiding our decisions, we want to break the patterns, but how?

By learning and living into our values we were made to be by God. We offer a creative workshop to identify your values and develop a manifesto!

Foster and Adoption Cohort

Foster and adoption parents have stepped into hurting situations. These cohorts work with your communities for support, knowledge, and healing.

This tackles the brain, biology, body, beliefs, and behaviours of children and families who are in the foster system or who have adopted children.

Relationships through Conflict

Conflict and fighting break families, churches, and organisations. Courageous Care provides this workshop for the leadership down to define how you will work to make a structure for healthy conflict in your environment. Working through conflict makes us closer and brings creativity.

Rather than telling you how to address conflict, we include everyone in the organization on collaborative practices and communication.

Emotional Health

Emotional health can be a nebulous term. Working with your community, the cohort works to establish healthy habits through a value-driven life.

In this training, you can understand the symptoms of mental health concerns and how to access resources for yourself and your community!

Community-care and self-care are addressed in a holistic way.